Short Summer Haircuts Are Usually Short On Style

Short Summer Haircuts Are Usually Short On Style

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It’s the same thing year after year in our business, that first hot day comes along and low and behold, men come in with the same request “Chop it all off”.  That gorgeous, thick, full head of hair you’ve spent the last 6 months, either growing out or maintaining, and they want me to cut if off?!?!?  Guys it doesn’t have to be this way!  I am writing this to remind all the men out there with great haircuts that have some type, any type, of length that there are other alternatives!

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I know what you are thinking…It’s that “short hair is the only way I can deal with my hair in the summer” mentality. ., And yeah, it is true, super short hair means little to no maintenance but it also means little to no style. So before you go in and ask your stylist to cut off all of your hair, why not consider embracing what the summer season can do FOR not TO your hair? Some additional volume, movement, wave or curl can be actually add to your style. You just have to know the tricks for managing them and be open to incorporating them into your everyday routine You may just get some compliments (actually, I guarantee you will).

So what do you say?  Ready to Learn to embrace having some hair on your head in the summer? I mean after all there are plenty of guys your age that no longer have that luxury.  Let’s not be so quick to get rid of it when the temperature rises for a couple of months! let’s celebrate it! Because remember, summer only lasts a couple months but it takes twice that long to grow it back.

You don’t have to cut all your hair off to get through the summer months but you do need to use product to keep it in check, especially this time of year when you are combating things like humidity, heat, and wind. I know what comes next, clients are quick to respond with  “I don’t use product because I don’t have time.”  Relax, I know how busy you guys are.   I am not asking anyone to commit spending ten minutes every morning on their hair.  You don’t need to!  Turns out, if you follow a few hard and fast rules when it comes to product managing your summer hair  is pretty quick and painless!


And not just in summer, not ever. Putting product into a wet or sweaty head of hair is a waste of time your product and therefore your money  Why? The product is most likely water based. This means that when applied to a wet head of hair it will simply dilute and it will not add any value to your style. We need a dry foundation for product to do the job require of it- reduce frizz, provide hold and maintain style. So whether that means towel drying your hair out of the shower (by blotting NOT vigorously drying) and then letting it air dry or using a hair dryer to quickly get the moisture out, make sure the hair is completely dry when product is applied. You’ll thank me for it when at the end of a long hot day when your hair still looks freshly styled!


In our business salt water and chlorine often get a bad rap.  But believe it or not they happen to  work for men’s hair in the hot summer months, rather than against it.  How?  Because they act as product- adding hold and texture, something regular water won’t do for you.  Everyone is quick to rinse their hair out after the pool and ocean, but this summer, I challenge you not to.  Instead, stop and reflect on how your hair looks just after a swim..  Often it’s that effortless look that is the most appealing and the one we spend the most time trying to replicate.  It’s in the summer months that we have the most access to pools and oceans. So this year, let’s take advantage!  Let’s put the ocean and pool to work for you.  I guarantee your routine will never be so easy!

Give your hair a shot this summer and thank me later.  Remember: hot weather does not have to mean super short hair!