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Beers, Beanies and Most Importantly Your BEARD

Beers, Beanies and Most Importantly Your BEARD

I think we all can agree there are 3 things that you guys get psyched for at the end of every year. One – beer. It’s okay, it’s not a secret how tasty a good IPA is, we get it. Two- beanies! Nothing better to compliment your Timberlands than a fresh slouchy beanie. (But make sure you are putting it on properly so you don’t get hat hair). Last, but most importantly – BEARDS. Don’t get me wrong – not only do I love a good beer, I also rock a beanie 80% of the time but today I’m here to give you some advice on how to wear your beard that we use with all our bearded clients.

There are two key things to be mindful of when growing your beard


Our favorite topic – SIDEBURNS. Whether you have been coming to Fleischman, A Men’s Salon for years or just a month, you know how we feel about sideburns (hint: you NEED them). Whether you’re rocking 5 o’clock shadow or a beard as full as Zach Galifianakis, you need a visible sideburn. A sideburn is a face framing tool allowing your haircut to look like it belongs to you. Without a sideburn your hair may start to create the illusion of looking like a wig. Use the notch of your ear as a guideline to achieve proper sideburn length.

If you’re growing a beard and aren’t sure how to make yourself look perfectly put together with your new scruff, let’s talk about BALANCE. A super short haircut not only takes away your side burn, it also takes away symmetry. Balance and symmetry are a magical combination which make things look perfectly put together. When your haircut is too short and you have a long/full beard- all of that balance and symmetry is taken away. It almost looks like you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re balding by distracting people with your new brawny beard (yikes). To avoid this, our advice is to wear your haircut a little longer. Length and fullness in your haircut are going to create balance with your beard – giving you a better overall look. Whether you’re rocking a James Harden beard or just some scruff – a visible sideburn and a little extra length go a long way.

In conclusion:

– drinking beer? YES

– wearing a beanie? YES

– shaving your sideburn? HELL NO

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