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Get to know your stylist – Janney

Get to know your stylist – Janney

Get to know the ladies behind the chair taking care of your hair at Fleischman, A Men’s Salon.  Meet the woman behind our 90s R&B and hip hop playlists and our most fearless urban biker, Janney.

Describe yourself using three words.

Funny, stylish and dope

also humble.

Tell us a bit about your salon experience, education, background.

Studied Art History at Drew University, and quickly realized I didn’t want to invest another 7+ years into getting a PhD.  After a year working at a lobbyist firm in DC, also realized I didn’t want to work in an office environment – I needed something more creative!  I’d been cutting friend’s hair for years (no one else had the nerve to do so – I figured, if they were ballsy enough to ask someone with no cutting experience, I was ballsy enough to give it a go) and I, and they, noticed a natural talent.  After cosmetology school I did my apprenticeship at Zanya Spa/Salon in NJ.  Several years into styling, I found that I didn’t love the “styling” but loved cutting men’s hair.  I made the move to NYC and landed at John Allan’s, and from there, found Erica Fleischman :)

What celebrity do you get mistaken for?

Carolyn Bessette or Uma Thurman

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Flying would be cool – though super strength would help me more often when I need to open a jar.

Do you have a nickname your friends call you?

Generally, just “J” – though my name is so often mispronounced, I have several nicknames…

What are three things people may not know about you?

90’s R&B is my weakness.

I hate musicals, but love The Sound of Music – I think it has to do with Captain Von Trapp.  Smokeshow…

I’m actually pretty shy – even though I was the captain of my cheerleading squad.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I hide my talents from no one!

List your three best personality traits and then your worst.

Dependable, giving and selfless.

Stubborn, sensitive and tough

If you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do?

Take a nap.  I was a cat in a past life.

Name one thing you consider yourself good at.

Anything fashion-related

Name one thing you totally suck at.

Riding my bike between two cars.  Oops.

Favorite food?

Impossible to answer – I’m an adventurous eater.

You wouldn’t be caught dead where?

Times Square

List the contents of your purse.

It’s a bottomless pit.  Though to be honest, I hate carrying a purse:

Wallet, keys, lip balm, phone and a shit ton of loose change in the bottom.

What story does your family tell about you?

I have a needle phobia – once when I was seven or so, I went to the emergency room – the nurse went to take my temperature, but I thought she was coming at me with a needle.  I passed out.  Hilarious Dad, keep telling the world.

What’s the last thing you’ve done for the first time?

Rode my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge

What was the first thing you’ve done for the last time?

Gone to Macy’s in Herald Square.

What part of your daily routine can you not function without?

Decompressing after a long day – I need a few minutes to sit on my couch and veg out

What do you love about your job here at FAMS?

Everything – my coworkers, my clients, the homey space and the fact we keep getting better and better

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