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We Are Taking Our Talents To The West Side

We Are Taking Our Talents To The West Side

We are excited to announce that we are taking our talents to Midtown West!

We understand that many of you can’t take the time to commute from your offices in Midtown West all the way to our Midtown East salon, leaving your hair as the innocent victim.  We can no longer stand by idly while your hair gets butchered by any number of random barbers conveniently located by your offices, so coming in early July, Fleischman, A Men’s Salon is pleased to announce that we will be expanding and opening a new location at 162 West 56th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).

Erica excited to sign Midtown West lease

We’ll be bringing our signature approach to men’s haircutting to the west side, and will be there to fix any and all bad fades, clipper cuts, misbehaving cowlicks, misshapen flow, and anything else the men of the west side can throw at us.

When I opened the Midtown East salon 7 years ago it was just me, my loyal clients, and my idea for how a men’s salon should really be: intimate, comfortable, where we focus on each individual man and his face shape, hair texture and growth pattern.  We’ve since grown into an incredibly talented team of stylists with an awesome family of clients that we look forward to seeing every time they come for a haircut, all while maintaining my original vision for the salon.

I’m really excited to continue growing our team and family, and what better way than to open a second salon in Midtown West. It is our passion to educate guys about their hair, give haircuts that compliment each guy’s look and lifestyle and that look natural, grow out nicely, and are easy to maintain.

Construction on the salon is underway and we’re making sure we bring all the important elements of Fleischman, A Men’s Salon  west (hint: taxidermy, cozy leather club chairs, Macallan, Chex Mix, and Tootsie Rolls will of course be involved).   We have recruited some amazing new women to join our team and they have been busy putting in work training with me and soaking up all my secret tips, tricks, and techniques to cutting men’s hair. We are confident our haircuts will speak for themselves just as much on the West side as they have for the past 7 years on the East side.

We’ll see you in July Midtown West, until then let you hair grow and flow and we’ll be there to take care of those locks before you know it.

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