Beard Szn Is Here And What That Means For Your Sideburns

Beard Szn Is Here And What That Means For Your Sideburns

It’s beard season! Now that guys are comfortable going to the office with facial hair we are realizing that there are some nuances to consider with regard to maintenance and appearance that we need to cover.  If you have been following Fleischman for more than a week than you know how we feel about sideburns (hint: they are very important). That’s right, there needs to be thought put into a sideburn with a beard.

Whether you have a 5 o’clock shadow or a Brawny man beard, you still MUST have a visible sideburn. This means don’t blend the sideburn into your facial hair. The beard and the haircut should not become one. When you don’t have a thicker area for a sideburn your haircut actually ends up looking like a wig. Almost like it doesn’t belong to you. The sideburn is face framing, without it you lose the look of the haircut belonging to you.

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These are our top tips to avoid it:

1) Establish sideburn length: Use the bottom notch in your ear as a guideline.

2) Now that you know where the sideburn length should end, make sure you’re pulling your machine away from the face before you go into your sideburn.

3) If you go for a beard trim, you MUST indicate to the barber that you want your sideburn heavier than the rest of the beard. Do not be afraid to speak up before they take the whole thing off because that’s what they do.