Drying Your Flow: At Home Edition

Drying Your Flow: At Home Edition

“It looks so much better when you do it” is something a lot of stylists hear from their clients. Not ours. Education is the key to at home styling success and we are the best in the business at giving our clients the tools they need to get their hair to look as good when they do it themselves as when we did it for them right after a fresh cut. We are here to help with a few steps to make the process low maintenance and fool proof.

First things first, try to avoid taking your towel and rubbing it aggressively back and forth to dry it. It ends up messing with the natural placement and direction of your hair, creating a crazy, frizzy Einstein kind of look and good luck trying to get it to behave from there. Try blotting out some of the water or drag the towel through the hair, the idea is to soak up as much of the water as possible so that when you go to use that hairdryer (yes, you heard us correctly, a hairdryer. Guys, they aren’t just for women. That stigma is total bullshit. Real men use hairdryers) the process is quick. The more work you do with a dry, small hand towel (not the big, wet body towel you just used to dry yourself that can’t possibly absorb any more water) out of the shower, the faster your hair will dry with the dryer.

Do you have to put in a little extra time and effort into your hair in the morning? YES. If you don’t want to do so then you should keep your hair at a number 1 all around. A little (and we mean little) effort goes a long way with your hair and it’s important to know what to do with it as soon as you get out of the shower.

Real quick, a blow dryer is essential when it comes to styling your hair and here’s why. The heat and concentrated air flow helps seal the direction you want your hair to go. It also smooths out the hair, getting rid of unwanted frizz. Allow the dryer to do most of the work (you don’t need a brush! The air and your hands are your styling tools) and allow the air to go in the direction of how you want your hair to sit. If you dry the hair in a crazy, aggressive way, the hair will behave that way. Be thoughtful about your blow drying the way you were thoughtful about your towel drying. Dry the hair in the direction you ultimately want it to go right from the start.

A dryer is also magic when it comes to giving your hair life when you don’t have it. No tools required other than your hands to give yourself some volume up there. It’s amazing what a little heat and air flow can do for your hair to create a fullness that lasts without even having applied your product yet.

Your hair and haircut should look incredible once it’s dry, but even great haircuts need a little help from product to become next level. Clean, dry hair needs a little grit, a little “dirtiness” to keep it looking modern, sexy, elevated.

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