Embrace Your Gray Hair – Be A Silverfox

Embrace Your Gray Hair – Be A Silverfox

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but guess what guys- you aren’t foolin’ anyone with that hair color.

Whether you are doing it yourself with Just For Men or going to the salon for a very expensive version of Just For Men, its obvious guys, you are coloring your gray hair and everyone you think doesn’t know, knows. Whether its that your wife wants you to look younger or you’re getting shit for your gray hair from the guys at work or the kids at home, remember one thing- if Connery and Clooney are rocking it, you sure as hell know it’s a good look. Those guys don’t mess around with something they know is their best attribute. They have access to the best hairstylists and colorists in the world and they still choose natural over fake, gray over some version of their color back when they were in high school. There is a reason for that guys. It’s not a coincidence. Your natural color is always going to be the best look for you. That box or salon color is actually making you look older because it’s obvious you are doing it. The color is almost always a bit “off.” That attempt to match your hair color before going gray or trying to camouflage your gray ahir by covering only some of your gray- neither work the way you hope they would. Neither make you look younger, but I can guarantee both give people a reason to talk shit behind your back. I’m not asking you to do anything crazy- just suggesting you do nothing to your color as it grays. Let it happen and embrace it. The one thing I can tell you matters when you are graying is your haircut. The most important thing you can do as your hair changes is to get a great haircut to enhance it. More often than not I see that my clients have one of two things happening, they go gray but still have all their hair or they still have the color they had in high school but are thinning. I remind my graying clients of this all the time when they are complaining to me about the silver in their hair and my response is the same every time, “which would you choose- a full head of gray or having your color but thinning?” because you almost never get both. Every time you are going to choose the gray hair. And you should because it’s gorgeous.

So many of my gray haired clients tell me they never got a compliment on their hair before meeting me and listening to my advice about letting their gray flow. I can’t tell you the number of times a day I preach no color to new clients and explain that when you have gray hair and have a beautiful haircut by us that shows it off you are always going to get compliments on it and for very real reasons. Gray is striking. Gray is sexy. Gray is unique. Gray is modern. Turns out colored hair on men is none of those things. Colored hair is dated, unsexy, ages you more and costs you a ton of money and time in the process. All of the clients we have gotten to stop coloring their hair never received a compliment on their hair until they let their gray flow. That fact speaks for itself. Gray hair cut really well is not at all common. But when it’s done right, it’s everything.

Let’s talk about the haircut and the things that are the most important especially when you are rocking gray. Make sure you have sideburns, a natural neckline, the proper shape for your face and some form of flow. What do I mean by flow? It doesn’t have to be long, but some length is important. There is a right length for everyone and it’s very specific to each individual but almost always it’s not the buzzed with a clipper kind of length that is the right length. Guys like Anderson Cooper I don’t get. His hair is this incredible silver but he has it cut so severely short that he might as well buzz the whole thing off. He’s has a strong cowlick in the front along with poker straight hair and instead of embracing his silver and getting a great haircut taking into consideration his hair texture and natural growth pattern, he gets it clobbered by a barber and it takes away from the beauty of the gray. Getting a good haircut, shaped by someone who understands what your hair is capable of- especially when you have gray hair- is the most important thing you can do for yourself and by yourself, I mean your hair.

Let me tell you that we don’t offer any color of any kind in the salons. Remember that offering color makes salons money- lots of money. We don’t care about the money. We care about how you look and how to get you to look the best you can. How many salons can say that? Most push color on men like drugs. It’s an add on to a haircut service that puts additional money in the stylists pockets. If you come in to Fleischman Salon and want your hair colored we force you to go somewhere else for the color because that’s how strongly we feel about not coloring your gray hair. We’ll choose making you look great over the money every time.