Good Hair – Like Father Like Son

Good Hair – Like Father Like Son

We thought it would be fun in honor of Father’s Day to highlight two VIP clients of ours who are father and son. Vinny came in to the salon and then sent his dad Louis. They have been our loyal clients for many years. I’ve cut their hair for lots of momentous occasions- their daughter/sister’s wedding, before family vacations, and for special nights out in the city.

We decided we wanted to do this blog as an interview, separately, and compare their answers to the same questions. It’s so cool to see that their responses were very much in sync. It’s a touching tribute to fathers and sons everywhere…and goes to show that good hair, good vibes and good hearts run in the family.

Special thanks to Vinny and Louis who embraced this process with their whole hearts (I mean they showed up for their haircuts for the blog dressed for a GQ shoot!) and just might be the most dapper duo this city has ever seen.

What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Your Father/Son’s Appearance:

Louis (Dad): I do not understood why people pay a lot of money for jeans with holes in them. I am not crazy about that look and Vin has a lot of jeans with holes in them and he also wears his jeans too tight.

Vincent (Son): My dad continues to wear light denim jeans at night. Not sure if this was a trend 30 years ago, but he needs to buy some dark wash denim ASAP. Erica, help!

Favorite Event Done Together This Past Year:

Louis (Dad): We spent a week at the Jersey Shore and had a great time at the ocean enjoying the surf and the sun; eating some great seafood; and playing a competitive game of Rummikub (which we are hooked on!!)

Vincent (Son): Last August, my dad rented a place on Long Beach Island for us to relax and unwind. Perfect week full of lounging on the beach, eating lobster rolls, exploring running trails, and quality father/son time.

Favorite Place to Go To Together in NYC:

Louis: We are both foodies so going to a good NYC restaurant and having a long leisurely meal is always a great time. Some of our favorites restaurants include Scarpetta, La Sirena, Gigino, The Burger Joint and John’s of Bleeker Street.

Vincent: The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian. We both love food and cannot get enough of this place.

Our boys pictured below at the Burger Joint in NYC 

Burger Joint

What Do You Admire About Each Other:

Louis: I admire Vin’s easy going nature and positive attitude. I think one of his most attractive features is his ability to make me laugh when I’m feeling down or out of sorts.  Having Vin around is good for the soul and it is fun spending time with him. I believe it is his optimism that helps him deal more easily with life’s challenges.

Vincent: The thing I admire most about my dad is his generosity. Whether a family member or an acquaintance, my dad will go out of his way to share his time, knowledge, or resources without asking for anything in return.

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