How Often Should You Really Be Using Shampoo

How Often Should You Really Be Using Shampoo

Almost every day, I have at least one new client sit in my chair and tell me how dry and uncooperative their hair is. It could be the condition of the hair, the texture or thickness that keeps it from feeling soft and hydrated. My response however, is always the same. Asking one simple question, “How often are you washing your hair?”

Before shampoo
Before shampoo – Hair looks fuller and flows
After Shampoo
After Shampoo – Hair looks dry and frizzy








You should not be washing your hair everyday plain and simple. When you shampoo your hair daily, you’re stripping it of the natural oils your scalp produces to help keep your hair healthy as it grows. Stripping the oils out will damage your hair making it feel very brittle and dry. Think of it this way, a plant is trying to grow towards the sun for its nutrients; but day in and day out the clouds keep the sun covered. Keeping it from getting its nutrients the flower will dull and wilt. Allow your body to produce the right amount of conditioning it needs to stay nourished and healthy.

When you’re working out aggressively, or had to run to catch your train and find yourself sweating more than usual, you can still RINSE your hair in the shower. If you’re using a heavy product, work your fingers pretty aggressively at the root to reduce the amount of build up in between washes. Once you have rubbed your scalp of the product rinse thoroughly after. Use conditioner at your own discretion based on the condition of your hair. If its feeling dry or course condition every time.

Try to slowly start implementing shampooing every other day to start. Allow your scalp to adjust, almost as if you have to wean your body off the constant washing. After two weeks see if you can go three days, eventually four and so on. It’s ideal to only wash your hair once or twice a week.

The idea of not washing your hair may feel disgusting at first but you will thank yourself after a month. Your hair will feel stronger and much less dry. Believe it or not, one of the best treatments we can give to our hair is what we already produce. It’s important to allow your hair to soak up the natural oils to strengthen.