Most Men Do Not Have Naturally Great Hair – That’s Why They Need Us

Most Men Do Not Have Naturally Great Hair – That’s Why They Need Us

We shot our first commercial a few weeks ago for our (Damn Good) product line and Al was one of the models I chose for the shoot because his hair spoke to me. Let’s be real, his hair didn’t look like this before I cut it but when I saw his headshot I knew he was someone who could represent quintessential Fleischman Flow. You may think-if you’ve been following us -that Fleischman salon clients all have great hair genetically. They don’t. We are just that good that we know how to take a guy with just ok hair and create something amazing with it. Sometimes it requires growing it, sometimes it requires layering or blending or shaping to create certain things that are the foundation of Fleischman Flow.

When Al showed up to the shoot his hair was whispy, disconnected from the sides, looked dry, thin, had a forced part that was way too low and I can pretty much guarantee no one was complimenting his flow. We talked about my approach (natural parting, blending top to sides, leaving certain areas to grow so we had more coverage down the road) before I cut it because I feel strongly that someone who is going to represent our brand and what we stand for in a commercial for us should understand and be on board with what I want to do and why I am doing what I am doing. It’s an essential part of being a Fleischman client.

I did my thing and taught him some tips and tricks along the way so he knew how to style and maintain it himself. Al doesn’t have the perfect hairline, or the perfect hair (which is why I initially chose him!) but barely any of our thousands of clients do. That’s why they need us. Al was a changed guy after I was done with him. His once lifeless hair came to life (people watching me cut his hair commented about how they didn’t see much come off but whatever I did made a world of difference #hairwizard 😉) and that’s because what I chose to cut and shape made a huge impact in the way the hair appeared, laid and flowwwwed. When you have the right haircut no one notices that you might have some hair concerns (receding, thinning, etc) because if the hair is thoughtfully cut, the hair you do have is elevated and takes the main stage

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