Part Your Hair Like A Pro

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Every morning I take the subway into the city. It is one of the only times in my day where I can sit and drift away in my own thoughts. As I sit and ponder what lies ahead for the day, I can’t help but take in my crowded surroundings. It may sound judgmental but I look at each mans haircut around me sandwiched together on the train. The thing I pick up the most is that majority of men with hair longer than roughly three inches on top, is that they are parting their hair much too far to the side, or not at all.

You have to find the happy medium with your part. If you are parting your hair too far to a side, past your hairline on the edge of the temple, then it tends to push the boundaries of a comb over. You don’t want to look like your forcing your hair to the side. Many people have cowlicks that outline the front of their hairline. Never force your hair to go against its natural flow. Everyone has a natural part, and it is a lot easier to find than you think.

When you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair slightly, so there is no water dripping from your head. Take a comb and brush your hair straight back. Once your hair is combed and pushed straight back, take the palm of your hand and push your hair forward from the point on which the back of your head begins to curve. This will push the hair towards the forehead. You will be able to see that a natural parting appears, and the hair will fall to a certain side without you having to find or make the parting. Once the hair starts to fall to the side it will be clear which way your hair wants to part in its natural position. Check out the video above to see what I’m talking about.

Rule of thumb for a parting, no matter on the left or right side, it should be falling directly in line with the peak of your eyebrow. It is a great tool to use helping you see if you’re parting your hair too far to the side, or too close to the middle. Your part shouldn’t go all the way back either, depending on your length. If your hair is between 2-4 inches you should blend the parting into the back by pushing the back into the front meeting in the middle. If your hair is longer than 4 inches, your part should blend straight into the back from the middle of your ear. Take your finger and place it on the top of your ear. Draw in straight up to the center of your scalp to help find the place where your parting should meet and blend with the rest of your hair.

The fine line between a sleek and professional style opposed to looking like you’re ready for your first day at middle school is very thin. Feel confident in your style and parting with these tips and conquer the day. As much as I enjoy picking people out on the trains, it would be nice for me to see more guys rocking their part the right way!