The Shape Of Your Haircut Matters

The Shape Of Your Haircut Matters

A properly balanced symmetrical men’s haircut will grow out beautifully and extend the life of your haircut so you don’t feel like you need a haircut every few weeks.

When Marty came in for his first haircut it was just a month after he had last had a haircut and felt he “needed” a haircut again because it was “too full on the sides and puffy.” This happens with a lot of men’s haircuts when the person who last cut their hair simply follows the shape of the head and doesn’t think about how the hair will grow in over time.

Before Marty's first men's haircut with me

During that first haircut I reshaped Marty’s hair, creating something much more balanced and symmetrical. I wanted it to be more square instead of round. It suits his face better. This is true for a lot of men. I think it helped give him a more modern and youthful look almost immediately.

After Marty's men's haircut

When he came back 8 weeks later it had grown in beautifully. He admitted he didn’t even feel like he “needed a haircut.” He didn’t have the same feelings about it being too poofy even though it was longer than it had ever been before. Instead of his usual feeling of “needing a haircut” a few weeks after his last haircut he was now 8 weeks past his cut with me and still loving the way his hair looked and felt. I agreed!

Marty's men's haircut grown out after 8 weeks