Wedding Hair: Guys – It’s Not Just About The Bride. Here’s What Grooms Need To Know To Look Good On The Big Day

Wedding Hair: Guys – It’s Not Just About The Bride. Here’s What Grooms Need To Know To Look Good On The Big Day

You just proposed. Now you think you’re job is done and you can chill. Wrong. 

What you should be thinking about is how are YOU going to look when your bride walks down the aisle. You can be sure she’s gone through bridal boot camp, had several trials for makeup and hair months before. All to present herself to you and all of your family and friends literally looking the best she’ll ever look. If she’s doing all this, you sure as hell better look the part too. All joking aside, you’re going to want to get your shit together because those expensive photos are going to either haunt you or leave you looking like Bradley Cooper. Which are you going to choose?

There is actually no choice. Having endured the mental and financial anguish that goes along with getting engaged and married you owe it to yourself to make sure you look like a hot groom not a hot mess. 

We understand that thinking a year ahead about what your hair is going to look like on your wedding day and even before (yep that means engagement parties and showing up to the end of the bridal shower just to carry home the gifts…all photos opportunities, none of which you will ever be able to avoid) seems ridiculous but trust us this is your new reality. Embrace it, own it, do not fight it. We’re here to help.

We’re gonna break it down into some simple DO’s and DONT’s.

DO NOT treat your hair as an afterthought by going to a barber shop the week of your wedding.

(Those carved out necklines and sharp edges give off a cheap appearance that will not compliment your put together bride who spent a shit ton of money to look good for you).

DO find a salon soon after your engagement that can help you create a battle plan so that your hair can reach its fullest potential.

(By fullest potential we mean a haircut that looks like it was custom made for you, just like that $3000 tuxedo you bought to wear for one day).

DO NOT be deceived by the only angle of your hair that you see when you look in the mirror.

(Just because you can’t see the alfalfa sticking out the back of your head, doesn’t mean your wedding guests and photographer won’t. They will and you’re wedding photos taken from all angles won’t let you forget either).

DO get a haircut that takes into consideration you natural texture and flow so that the right length can be designed to flatter you as opposed to making a fool out of you. 

(There are things a good stylist can do with the right amount of time (meaning months of growth) to allow your hair to be shaped properly. You would be surprised with what can be done in the hands of someone who thinks about what could be instead of what is).

DO NOT be clueless about how to style your hair on D-DAY

DO chose a stylist who not only gives you the best shape and flow but also educates you on how to style it on your own 

(Unlike the bride who’s biggest job is to wake up and drink mimosas while everyone puts her together, you will be fending for yourself. You want to make sure you are confident about styling your own hair).

Lets face it the pictures from your wedding will be plastered all over your house and you’ll want to look at them and think “my god I looked like a total stud that day”. Don’t regret waiting until the last minute to take care of a crucial part of your look. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to see your hairs potential long after you’ve said I do. Now get your ass to the gym. 

To help you (and your groomsmen) get your flow in order for the big day we do offer specials for new groom clients including wedding prep packages and groomsmen packages (what better way to thank your buddies for standing around for a bunch of photos than giving them the gift of good hair).  Give us a call or email for details.