What we mean when you hear us say “GROW YOUR HAIR”

What we mean when you hear us say “GROW YOUR HAIR”

If you’re a client of ours, we can bet that the first time you came in to get your haircut with one of our stylists they said, “some of your hair needs to grow so we can really reshape it in a way that is easy to style and manage and lays down where it should.”

Key word: SOME. So don’t panic.

We want to set the record straight here- we do not need your hair to be down to your shoulders in order for you to come into our salon and get Fleischman Flow (although, we LOVE that too). What we mean by “let it grow” is allowing the hair to have length in the right areas. We like hair that not only looks modern and stylish, but also behaves and is easy to maintain. Those pesky cowlicks that stick straight out or that hair that won’t stay back off of your forehead- we can conquer those “problem areas” with some growth.  We are constantly getting shit on the internet that our only answer is to “grow your hair.” In most cases, yes, that’s absolutely the solution to lots of your hair problems!

A lot of you guys are coming to us for your first real salon (aka big boy haircut!) experience. You’ve probably been going to a barber for years and you have absolutely zero idea what your options are. All you know is that the hair on the back of your head sticks up like mad a week after a haircut (or in some cases the same day you walk out) or the next morning when you try to style it yourself. What you don’t know is – you are stuck in a vicious cycle of cutting out the problems only for them to return very quickly. Once that hair sticks up, you go to your barber and they cut it short again, then a couple weeks after that it’s clipper time again because those same areas are misbehaving again- and so on and so forth. We’re here to tell you that there is a solution – and guess what! That’s to GROW your hair a little bit.

With some length to your hair it now has WEIGHT. With that weight, your hair can and will finally sit down. Can we still take you shorter around the sides and back and blend it beautifully? Absolutely! And we’d love to. But in certain areas, there are potential cowlicks, there are head shapes we’d like to avoid or hair textures and tricky hair situations that we have to be thoughtful about and not just cut the hair shorter which just cuts away the problem only to have it return.

A clipper follows the shape of the head and unless you are the Rock or Bruce Willis and have a great head shape- that clipper doesn’t do anything for your personal hair situation. We are here to give your hair the shape that is best suited for your particular hair type and texture and hair situation and that can only be done with our scissor and comb.  We want you to get a haircut that not only makes you look amazing, but is also working 100% of the time- with product, without product, even when the wind blows it.  Our haircuts work 100% of the time due to length and weight in the right areas. We call it Fleischman flow. So trust us (and our 20 years of experience in this business)-let it grow and let’s f*cking goooooo!