Damn Good Advice – Proper Product Application

Damn Good Advice – Proper Product Application

Let’s talk quick and easy product application. We know you guys don’t want to be, can’t or aren’t spending a ton of time styling your hair but if you follow our guide below, it will keep the process short and sweet and get you awesome results.

Let’s also get one thing straight here, everyone needs some type of product for their hair. (But to be clear, the reason we suggest product is not to have mask problems with the haircut- ie. the only way that cowlick is laying down is with globs of paste).

Used correctly, product should be the perfect finishing touch to a beautifully blended, thoughtful haircut. Product should be used to enhance texture, add grittiness to over shampooed/ “too clean” hair, give hold, add volume and provide staying power for the day. Note to self: If you need product to get you hair to lay down or get the haircut to work when you style it yourself, you need a new hairstylist and a new haircut approach.

Here are a few key things to be mindful of when using product:

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  1. Your hair should be 100% dry before applying product.Most pastes and waxes are water soluble. Therefore, when you apply them to wet hair, they dilute. A dry foundation is what allows the product to adhere properly to your hair and allows the product to do the job that was intended. Just make sure you know how to dry your hair correctly!
  2. Use the correct amount of product. With the right haircut – you should only need a flat dime to quarter sized amount to work through your hair. Too much product tends to weigh down the hair and even a flat finish, matte paste can look greasy if you use too much. A great haircut should need minimal product to achieve greatness.
  3. Warm up the product in your hands. Straight from the container, paste is usually white in color. If we see the whiteness of the product on the hands, we’ll definitely see it in the hair. To avoid this, rub it in your hands until it’s almost clear before using.
  4. Evenly distribute through your hair. Now that you’ve rubbed the product through your palms, it’s ready to go. Yes – the top is important. But the back and sides are too! Don’t forget to apply product to the back and sides so everything stays in place.

Styling your hair should be easy! With the right haircut, it should take you 1- 3 minutes to do your hair routine. Everyone one can find that kind of time, no excuses. Trust us, blow dryers and hair product aren’t just for chicks.