Neurotic. Perfectionist. Needlepointer.


Erica is on the 52nd Street and at Park Ave South:

52nd Street

Park Ave South

Erica began her men’s grooming career later than most in the industry. Graduating from Boston University with a degree in advertising, she found herself creatively constricted and lacking passion for her work. Erica’s decision to go to beauty school unleashed a desire for hairstyling that she realized was hidden deep inside her soul. She left her account management job to assist a well known hairstylist and it was there that her men’s grooming career was ignited. Recognizing that her talents and undeniable energy could be spent in an environment she could create herself, Fleischman, A Men’s Salon was born. With her experience, the vision for an intimate men’s salon where each client would be catered to individually seemed practical, savvy and since her clients adored her and were incredibly loyal, opening her own business was a natural next step. 12 years later, Erica’s little but mighty (some might describe her that way too!) salon has major power behind it, attracts incredibly talented mens hair stylists to work along side her and continues to inspire her.