How Often Should You Shampoo?

During a consultation, we might ask -based on the condition of your hair (frizzy, hard to manage, dry) – “how often you are shampooing?” But secretly, we already know the answer, TOO MUCH.

Shampoo isn’t always your friend. Hair that is too clean can be puffy, lack moisture and most times be unmanageable. If you’re shampooing everyday, you’re stripping the hair of its natural oils. Those natural oils help calm the hair down and give it some texture for easier styling.

How often should you be shampooing? Ideally, once or twice a week. Don’t panic – your hair won’t look greasy, it won’t smell (even if you’re working out) and you won’t be what you think is dirty. Ask your sisters, wives or  girlfriends how often they wash their hair and you’d probably be surprised at the answer because we can guarantee it’s not a lot- maybe once a week or less if they can get away with it!

You can still be conditioning every day for moisture.  Conditioner will not only hydrate your hair but also cleanse it! Conditioner has cleansing agents in it although it won’t get sudsy like shampoo.  It still does the job without stripping your hair of all that good natural stuff that helps keep it calm and smooth. So after a workout or a long day at the office and you feel like you need a shower, rinse your hair well with water and use your conditioner as you would shampoo.

We know what else you’re thinking – you’re using product and so you HAVE to shampoo it out. No, you don’t. We’re always going to recommend using a water based product so it simply rinses away with water. No shampoo required. Just rinsing will help to get that product out leaving you feeling clean.  If you’re not using a water based product because you need something seriously strong to keep your hair down, it seems like you have to have a look at some of our other blogs.