If You Feel Like You Need A Haircut Every 2-3 Weeks, It’s Probably The Wrong Haircut

If You Feel Like You Need A Haircut Every 2-3 Weeks, It’s Probably The Wrong Haircut

How often a guy gets his haircut says a lot about the haircut, not the man. New clients that sit in our chair are getting their haircut much more frequently than we would ever suggest. The reason why they are getting their haircut so often is because after a couple weeks their haircut isn’t working for them anymore. They don’t know why, but they just assume they need a haircut again. It’s a vicious cycle of shitty haircut after shitty haircut. They have cowlicks sticking up, layers that aren’t blended properly, hair that is laying heavy, won’t stay back, lays flat, has no real shape or flow. It’s almost always the wrong cut for them and they just haven’t been educated enough about their hair prior to finding us.  

What we do is different. We don’t just cut the hair shorter. When a new client comes in, we consult and discuss what is making them feel they need a haircut, talk about their wants and desires for their end result and then we come up with a game plan to get them there. And almost always it means growing their hair- not cutting it again right away. Those first few visits, maybe more, we don’t cut every hair on their head. We cut what is necessary to pave the way for better, more blended, more workable flow. We’re talking about a haircut that doesn’t need to be cut every two weeks to work. Our clients go much longer between cuts because they can, because at four weeks their hair is longer than when it was last cut by us but it is still very much working for them. Our haircuts have longevity because we tailor each haircut to the man individually. We take things into consideration about a guy’s hair that others don’t even know to do- such as natural direction and growth pattern, texture, and how length and weight relate to one another for more manageable style.

Getting your haircut every two or three weeks just simply isn’t in our vocabulary.  We speak another language.



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