Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Length and Weight In A Men’s Haircut

Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Length and Weight In A Men’s Haircut

Contrary to what your barber might be telling you, longer flow actually means lower maintenance. Let us break it down:

You want lower maintenance hair. Hair that works without much work. So you (and your barber) think that must mean you need short hair all over. (It’s that famous line “Just cut it all off. I want it to be easy.”) In all actuality, having some length and therefore some weight, makes the hair much easier to manage. When your hair is longer in the right places, it’s going to lay down and you’ll need a haircut less often. It also means that you can style it with ease because you won’t have to worry about your hair misbehaving.

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You may be thinking you don’t want to deal with that length. Let’s be clear when we say length, it doesn’t necessarily mean were suggesting long hair all over- just in the right places. Doesn’t it get tiring having to plaster that week old haircut down with product to get it to behave? Isn’t it frustrating to have to find time in your busy schedule to get it cut again just weeks after it was cut? Length and weight are crucial to achieving lower maintenance hair. That vicious cycle of haircuts every two weeks ends here.

Our philosophy leaves you with a haircut that works day one and every day after. You’ll never “need” to get a haircut to fix those nasty cowlicks that are sticking up after being cut too short. This approach will help you go much longer with just one haircut and allow you to use the time you’d normally have to set aside to get yet another haircut on something other than that trip to the “butcher” lol.