Through Thick And Thin(ning hair)

Through Thick And Thin(ning hair)

There aren’t many topics guys won’t bring up with us when we are behind the chair. We’ve learned most subjects aren’t off limits- their choice, not ours- politics, religion, family, relationships, body image, weight, work, sex. Interestingly enough, thinning hair doesn’t make that list.

You’d think concerns about thinning hair would be top of the list since they found their way into our salons to elevate their hair game. But from our years of experience we’ve found thinning hair is one of the only subjects men feel ashamed, embarrassed, and in a lot of cases in denial about. BUT thinning hair is the one subject they really should be talking to us about because we understand, sympathize, get it. We live it everyday with hundreds of men so we actually are the people they should feel most comfortable sharing their concerns with- thinning hair is certainly a topic more appropriate then some others they bring up LOL.

More often than not, it’s us who has to broach the topic of thinning hair because we know it needs to be addressed and that’s totally ok- we feel confident doing it because we know we can help in a variety of ways. But we are here to remind you that we see dealing with it as a courageous act. It’s the denial that seems cowardly. So we encourage you to speak up, share your fears, worries because then we can deal with it head on (pun intended!).

Oddly enough, once it’s out there in the universe, boy do our clients unload:

“I’m seeing a lot of hair in the shower drain or in my hands when I shampoo”
“My mother commented about how thin my hair looks over the holidays”
“I caught a glimpse of myself in a three way mirror and was in shock”
“My father and grandfather are bald, I’m fucked”
“Will you promise me you’ll tell me when it’s time to shave it off?”

And this goes on and on. These concerns are real and justified, and should absolutely not be thought of as taboo to talk about. The more they are talked about the more everyone understands there is help out there, but only if you get educated about hair loss.

Thinning hair is one of those issues that leaves us with two choices: we can be or stay in denial and let it all go to shit or we can proactively and preventatively do something about it- whether it’s get a better haircut for your hair situation (and that doesn’t mean cut it really short!) or start using a shampoo for thinning hair or chew a hair vitamin to keep what you do have healthy or go see a doctor for Propecia or go into a pharmacy and start using Rogaine. There are options for everyone and for every individual hair situation. Denial is silly quite frankly, especially when you have stylists you can talk to about what’s going on who really care.

We want to help get you to a better place both physically (with the haircut approach we take) and mentally (won’t it feel good to know you are taking measures to help yourself rather than wait and continue to do nothing until the hair is too far gone to do much at all). We are always going to be here to tell you it doesn’t need to be or end that way. Start talking about it and solutions start surfacing. Thinning hair sucks but that doesn’t mean your thinning hair has to suck.