To Part (Naturally) Or Not To Part

Do you ever wonder why your hair never works for you when you try to style it yourself – even after a fresh haircut? We can pretty much guarantee it’s because you haven’t had your hair cut with your NATURAL parting in mind. 

More often than not your barber has been forcing a part into the hair (usually carving or buzzing it in!) where it doesn’t naturally want to be (too far over to the left or right). This leads to the hair at the part sticking up/out, or it leaves you with the look of a combover when you don’t need to be covering or hiding anything at all.  

You might be asking why moving your part over as little as half an inch is such a huge deal to us. Let us explain.

Your natural part is just that- the place the hair naturally wants to separate without any force. A sure fire way to find it is to run your hands through your hair out of the shower and just let it fall where it wants to. It will almost always fall in the middle of the eyebrow on your right or left side.  And if your hairstylist cuts your hair with that in mind you will NEVER struggle again to get your hair to work for you. 

Most times with an unnatural parting, you’re using handfuls of product in order to force the hair to one side or the other. You might even have some random disconnected pieces that don’t look like they belong. An unnatural parting also means you’re panicking anytime there’s a big wind gust because the hair isn’t blended properly at the part. You need a mirror and more product to attempt to even be able to put it back in place. 

A natural parting will eliminate all of those things and eliminate the feeling that your hair constantly needs maintenance. Your hair shouldn’t take you longer than 2-3 minutes to style and it should work consistently for you day in and day out. Imagine that!!!

 A natural part is modern yet classic. It will  allow the hair to have more volume on top rather than if you have a part that is forced from lower on the head. It will also establish balance in your whole haircut, making you look more put together. 

We know how busy life can get, let us make your morning routine a little easier by getting your flow to work for you everyday all day. A natural part is the first place to start.