Wet Hair Lies, Dry Hair Tells The Truth

Wet Hair Lies, Dry Hair Tells The Truth

Who is walking around with wet hair all day? NO ONE. So why would anyone attempt to cut the hair when it’s wet? You can’t see its texture, natural direction, current shape, or basically anything about its flow. It’s like cutting in the dark, you can’t really see everything (or anything!) that’s going on.

When the hair is wet, it masks what is naturally going on because the water weighs it down. Everyone’s hair looks like it’s working when it’s wet, but can you say that when it dries?

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When a client comes to our salon, we do a consultation with the hair in its natural state, DRY, so we can see exactly what’s going on and execute a game plan. We need to be aware of everything we’re up against so there are no surprises. Cutting dry allows both the stylist and the client to see exactly how the hair is going to look day in and out. No more of the “it looks so great when you do it, but I can’t get it to look like that on my own.”  With us what you see is what you get.

We’re going to cut your hair dry with all your hair’s nuances very apparent for us to see and then shape it accordingly. You won’t need water or product to get the hair to work after we are done. It’s that thoughtfulness to our approach that makes all the difference between a cut that is blended, behaves, is low maintenance and really flows well and a cut that only works when it’s masked by water. Dry hair for the win, every time.