Winter Is Coming – How To Avoid Hat Hair


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Hat hair is a real thing. You get to work, take off that beanie you wore to keep your head warm and your flow is a mess. Now what. You work the rest of the day looking like you just rolled out of bed? It doesn’t have to be that way. Knowing how to properly put on your hat is the key to keeping your style secure and on point. Being mindful of how you are pulling that hat on your head will allow you to never worry about having hat hair.

Here’s the top three things to keep in mind when you are walking out the door into the polar vortex:

  1. Put your hat on from front to back. Think about how your hair is styled and make sure you pull the hat on going with, not against that flow. Makes sense right, you wouldn’t want to pull it on from the back and have the hair come forward like a bang if that’s not how you’re wearing it. Believe it or not, putting the hat on the wrong way will really affect your hair’s position for the rest of the day and who has time to deal with restyling it once you step into the office.


  1. Under the hat your hair should be in the same position as you plan to wear it throughout the day or night. All you’ve been thinking about is getting to work without freezing your ears off but what happens when you get to work having put that hat on so carelessly? You find your hair is sticking up in all the wrong places, especially those cowlicks in the back of your head that are a bitch to get to cooperate in the first place.


  1. You spent the time styling your hair, don’t ruin it with a hat. You’re going to want to wear one when the temperature drops below freezing, but it’s no excuse to have shitty hair. It’s unacceptable to give up on your hair in the winter because you need to wear a hat to keep warm. Our clients have spent time and money investing in the good hair game. It doesn’t end with having a great cut and the education on how to style it, it goes well beyond that. Our clients are thinking about their hair and the position in which it lies through all seasons.


Once you finally get the hat game down, it will be time to worry about summer hair issues. We got your back, well actually we got your hair LOL. Stay warm.