(Damn Good)


By the experts in men’s hair

Who should use this: We consider this a universal styling product. It is for thicker haired guys to define and show off texture. For thinner haired guys it can be used in small amounts when you want to add volume and hold.

Directions: Use me in DRY hair when you want to add texture, moisture and just the right amount of hold. Start with a flat dime sized amount and rub through the palms and fingers until it goes translucent. Then using your hands as your styling tool, rake the product through your flow to coat the hair. Don’t forget about the back and sides.

Scent: We can’t reveal our signature scent, but it is consistent across all our products and trust us when we say you will start getting compliments on the way your hair smells.

Size: 2 OZ / 59 ML

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